About Me

At the core, I am a learning guy. I am deeply invested in the ways that people work and learn in the real world —  the passions we pursue, in our curiosity about our world and the way it works, and how what we learn nurtures ourselves, our organizations and communities. I realized early on that I had the ability to teach people, which is another way to say that I have empathy: I put myself in another’s shoes and imagine what the problem  looks like from the other side of the table (to mix a metaphor).

I bring twenty years of experience in teaching, instructional design, eLearning, training and management to my current work as an organizational development and learning design consultant. That hard-won experience informs my decisions and practice every day, and even when an engagement is not explicitly a “learning” project, my learning perspective always proves useful.

vic falls

My wife and I at Victoria Falls, Zambia, in 2012.

What interests me most is how to apply my knowledge and experience to the new challenges we face in this ever-changing business environment of continuous learning and digital transformation.

I also love to travel. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled together across the globe, counting countries visited by the dozens. We are very lucky.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland at current, planning to be here through 2021 (at least). While I’m originally from Wisconsin, we live permanently and quite happily in Portland, Oregon. In addition to traveling, I’m a musician, music lover, sports fan, card player, and a thinker on policy, politics, economics and our ever-fascinating world.

cloudy morning geneva

The Rhone River flows out of Lac Léman in Geneva. Beautiful!

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