In the Learning Age Consulting

Personal, Organizational and Professional Development

If the Information Age began with computer-based jobs and grew up to be the world of instant information, then where are we now? We are entering a Learning Age. Our main task — as organizations, as professionals, as people — is to constantly learn, adapt, and make sense of an ever shifting, technology-driven environment.

It’s daunting, isn’t it?

Learning is the work. The need for a learning practice cuts across three layers:

Personal: Learning is a practice. We don’t assume people know how to manage personal learning, to make sense of the stream of information, and to synthesize it with other ideas.

OrganizationalKnowledge flows from individual through the organization and back, accruing added value and relevance with each cycle. Or, at least it should. Organizational knowledge management has moved beyond infrastructure and IT. Creating a learning culture takes a deliberate program and skill set.

ProfessionalOur professional practices are increasingly nurtured by the connections we keep: Professional Learning Networks (PLNs), Working Out Loud (WOL) circles, Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) cohorts, etc. New knowledge, techniques, applications, and opportunities rarely come from within organizations, but from cross-pollination at the edge of our circles. Learning to navigate these edges, they key to innovation, is a learned practice that needs deliberate, purposeful attention.

We offer ways to connect, reinforce, and take advantage of these intertwined layers of learning.

Engage with us to uncover ways we can help your people and organization.

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