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From “Information Workers” to “Learning Workers”

15 Mar

(Adapted from the “About This Blog” page)


E-Learning Strategist: That is my job title, and it provides me with challenging and fun ways to synthesize my experience from Instructional Design, Teaching, Training, Adult Learning Theory, and E-Learning.

But I find myself begging the question constantly: What is e-learning?

Or to put it another way, since we all use technology everyday in nearly every aspect of our lives, from student to professional to citizen to consumer, in what significant way is “e-learning” different from simply “learning?”

If The Information Age began with the advent of computer-based jobs and grew up to be the world of instant information on any topic, anywhere, any time, then where are we now? I propose that we are entering a post-Information Age, and into a Learning Age. Our main task — as organizations, as professionals, as people — it to constantly learn, adapt and make sense of an ever shifting, technology-driven environment. It’s daunting, isn’t it?

We are, in essence, not “information workers,” not only “knowledge workers,” but learning workers.

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