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Scoop.It or Lose It

15 Mar

I’ve been using Scoop.it now for several months, and it is already hard to imagine getting by without it. It serves me in several ways:

  1. It acts as a webclipper for particular articles, videos, blogs, etc., that I find helpful. I have used other social bookmarks (delicious, mainly), but this is better: more intuitive, looks better, behaves better (for me).
  2. Is a pretty good RSS filter tool, so I can keep abreast of what’s fresh across news feeds, blogs, twitter posts, etc. that I can set up.
  3. It helps me synthesize information from many disparate sources to see patterns I would not have seen before.
  4. It has helped me make professional connections across disciplines and geography.
  5. It’s kinda fun, and helps me build my own professional credentials.

With that I invite you to check out my Scoop.it page: Training, Learning and Instructional Design. And further invite you to try it out yourself. You might have some fun and learn some something new.

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