Learning Is Our Job… it’s not just me (or us).

11 Jun

I received a tweet from a friend who happened to be attending DrupalCon in Austin last week. He referred to a remark by a keynote speaker:

jones tweet

You can see my response to the original message above (with poor syntax– but is it grammatically incorrect?).

I was truly heartened to see that the constantly-learning ethos is becoming a mantra beyond the domain of PD/L&D/ID/ELP/SPOTDA* folks. As I’ve argued before in several places, our jobs are to keep learning. Very few of us have a job or career that spans more than a few years at a time. Even if we stay with the same organization, whatever our job is today will very likely not be what our job is two years from now, at least the tools, methods and systems we operate under. (And if it is, ask yourself, “Why!?”)

No, our careers are now tied to learning. And learning is not a solitary endeavor. We learn only in so far as we can seek, catalog, retrieve and share new facts, ideas and methods. That’s where I see us PD/L&D/ID/ELP/SPOTDA* folks gaining in relevance. Most of us are at a loss on how to take that learning management, or Personal Knowledge Management (PKM, in the parlance of our day) from a chaotic hit-or-miss activity to a systematic practice. Nobody taught us how to learn in the digital age, but it is an – the – essential challenge of our careers.


PD – Professional Development

L&D – Learning and Development

ID – Instructional Design

ELP – E-learning Practitioners

SPOTDA – Smart People of the Digital Age

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